I said no, last week.

Just “No”.

Inspired by a quote by this week’s birthday gall Jane Fonda:”No can be a complete sentence.”

What a woman. Right?

I wanted to do so many things, preferably all of them perfect and before Christmas…-Sounds familiar?

Anyway: it just didn’t feel like fun anymore- at all.

Of course my computer started to break down- or acted as if it wanted to do so. More and more. Until I couldn’t continue working and had to solve the problem first. So: bye-bye, deadline!

The solution arrived on golden angel wings together with this simple insight:


It’s just not going to work this way.

Your computer.


The Holidays.




-All the time you need…

To enjoy all of it.

And to just be present.”

-So that’s what I did.

I let go of the deadline.

I mailed my family when I would be arriving and let them know that I was taking some days off.

And I didn’t make any new appointments (small detail and very important, indeed!)…

I enjoyed my time off doing whatever I felt like doing.

Which basically involved washing, cleaning, shopping, writing Christmas cards, wrapping presents and trying to get stuff in a suitcase.

All very practical and even nice when you’re doing it while being present. Enjoying the simple process of doing one thing after another, without any self-imposed stress, not trying to please or impress anyone: just doin’ ur thang.

As it turns out, I have given myself the Best Christmas Present Ever: time for myself.



Just a little nourishment:

through attention and taking my time to breathe, rest, eat well, drinking a cuppa goodness whenever I wanted to, enjoying a movie or reading something which nurtures my soul to then continue doing what needed to be done,

I feel like I have soaked myself in love. Yes: that’s it!

In appreciation. In generosity. In abundance and gratitude…

which to me all are part of what we call happiness and Holidays.

The word “Holidays” itself comes from “holy days”. And “holy” comes from the word “whole”.

So… what better way to start these “Happy and Holy-Days” than by first remembering that you already ARE whole yourself, complete and perfect, exactly the way you are right now?

By loving and nurturing yourself first.

And when you have immersed yourself in al that love, appreciation, wholeness and happiness first…

Than you go out into the world to share it with those around you!

-Recently I found out something very interesting about mouth-water. And how best to use it (there will be a point here: I promise!).

Maybe you have been using it just like I’ve always done: right after brushing your teeth?

No. Uh-uh.

Do you know why?

Cause your teeth already will have soaked up all the fluoride from your tooth paste.

Use it twice a day, like my dentist recommended but: wait two hours after you’ve brushed your teeth. That way the tiny canals in your teeth will be able to fill itself up with love- I mean: fluoride, more effectively.

-Moral of the story:

this explanation of my dentist reminded me of what I’ve learned this week, about self-love.

I felt that this was exactly what I had been doing: carefully and on a regular basis I had been filling myself up with attention, care and love for myself.

And I’ve already decided that I will continue to do this during the Holidays too. I will check in with myself regularly to not only fill up my fluoride but also my self-love levels.

Just cause it makes me feel good.

It’s nice to take care of yourself, don’t you agree?

When I am present to my own needs and ready to meet them first, I will naturally be present to those around me, I believe.

Which is, as I see it, the biggest gift we can give each-other: our true presence and attention.


And that way we become the present.

Happy Trails to You!

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