I want to introduce you to my new friend. Her name is: Katharine Hepburn. -I know: she’s an actress, famous all over the world even now, 15 years after she’s left this pretty blue ball, I mean: planet earth.

But I just discovered her recently.

I’m not lying to you here!

Youtube is my main means of interacting with anything and anyone since I’ve decided to give my TV to my neighbor, like five years ago.

And I love it. Since then I’ve started playing guitar (something I’ve been wanting to do all my life but always kept postponing), writing poetry (I’ve just finished my first collection of poems) and songs (just recorded my first album). But before this seems to become a pamflet against TV: you can, of course, just use the on/off button and do the same (or other fun things you love to do with your evenings).

I just realize, while writing this, that I enjoyed tapping into my own creativity more these last five years. And as a result I feel I’ve grown. Which is nice.

And…I also started using Youtube. Like: a lot. On a daily basis.

For my entertainment, to relax and to study: anything related to the fields I am passionated about and feel drawn to.

So: fast forward now to Cate Blanchett who intrigued me after seeing “Ocean’s 8”, recently.

I don’t know if you saw the movie? I loved it, saw it five times and thought it was fun, clever, strong. I’ld like to see more of this: stories with strong female characters, not per se romantically driven, flaws and all believable and inspiring for great female actors to play and women to watch and identify with.

Through this movie I got curious to learn more about Miss Cate Blanchett and her acting so decided to look around a bit on Youtube.

I watched anything I could find and finally even bought the movie “Carol”(2015). Maybe you’ve seen it- I would absolute recommend it if you haven’t yet.

As Cate Blanchett says so beautifully in interviews:” This movie is a work of love”.

Which is exactly what you can feel, see and hear so clearly, in every image, word, sound.

I kept looking for more movies by Miss Blanchett to inspire me. “The Aviator” seemed rather intriguing to me at first. Leonardo di Caprio plays Howard Hughes and Cate Blanchett is… (here we go!) Katharine Hepburn! They’ve had a relationship in real life and…- maybe you’ld like to see the movie, so: I don’t give you any spoilers. But it was enough to get me curious.

Who was this lady, Katharine Hepburn?

She seemed… strong. Independent. Kinda … ahead of her time. -Cool, I’ld say!

I wanted to know more about her.

So: I started Youtubing around to learn more about her. And still am, actually.

I wouldn’t recommend to follow my example, though.


Well, I’ll give you the short answer: she’s received the most Oscars ever as an actor, male or female.

-Four, to be precise. I feel she could have received more, but… OK.

Once you’ve seen her act, heard and watched her again and again, in different movies, in different genres, in different stages of her life, play with such power, such subtlety, such clarity, such passion and love… I feel like: what and who’ll be next? She is the top, indeed!

Oh, and don’t get me started on her nine movies together with Spencer Tracy.(Sigh!)

Spoken about acting: they’re truly eachother’s yin and yang, complementing one another and making eachother shine even more!

So, in short: best NOT to watch any movie with Katharine Hepburn, especially together with Spencer Tracy.

Certainly not “Woman of the Year”.

If you fall in love, don’t blame me.

And otherwise…well: you might as well enjoy it, anyway.

Happy Trails to you!

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